We recommend Jody!

 Last year I was having issues with my 16 year old daughter, she went from being very popular in her school and always surrounded by friends to moving schools and not finding any friends.  She quickly went to what I like to call “the dark side”.  It was the most scary thing I have ever experienced as a parent.  Once I realized how serious the issues were becoming I immediately went on a mission to get her all the help she needed to help her get back on track.  We tried many counselors, therapists and psychiatrists.  Nothing seemed to work for her.  She is not the type of person to just sit and open up to you about her feelings so for her to sit in an office across from a trained professional was very painful for her and seemed to even make matters worst.  We had many trips to the doctor and on her worst days to the hospital.  We tried anti-depressant medications and still nothing.  Then someone mentioned Equine Therapy. 

I was given a few numbers to call and inquire about Equine Therapy, and this is when we found Jody.  Jody has literally changed my daughter’s life.  My daughter is a true animal lover and immediately clicked with Jody and the horses.  She would come home from her sessions a completely different person.  Jody is the type of person that tells it like it is without beating around the bush.  She is a fun loving, kind hearted individual and anyone who has had the privilege of meeting her will soon see that she has so much passion for what she does and she truly, genuinely cares about everyone in her presence.  

My daughter still has some self help work to do but Jody has given her a great base to help her deal with day to day struggles.  Jody will always be a part of our life and my daughter will remember her forever.  Jody is like to family to us know.

Our experience at Love Laugh Learn Equine Assisted Learning Centre has been life changing.  I would recommend this program to anyone.  I wish I would have known about this earlier for my daughter because no matter the age of the person, young or old, we can all use some extra positivity and soul searching and Love Laugh Learn is the ideal place to get it!!  I would without hesitate recommend this to everyone.  The best thing in the world for me to see is that great big smile on my daughters face when she is with “her” horse.

❤️ Tracy

Thank You

I find myself staring at the picture of chinook I took at Julie's ...

I'm facinated.  And I realize when I do, that I have been very blessed to have learned so much, and been presented with people in my life who have made a difference.  I don't think you will ever truly know what a difference in my life you have been and helping me get to where I am.  It's been a roller coaster to say the least.

Just wanted to say thanks for everything...from the laughs and learning to just letting me babble some days and have the 'run' of your place. 

I could just hang out in the middle of the horses and feel at home. 

So thank you just for being the person you are.  I am grateful and happy to call you friend.

— Greg

New Pathways

People say change is hard. It is, but it is much more achievable when you have Jody Buckle as your coach to guide you through the process.I was lucky to have Jody as an relationship coach during a period of time where I needed to change, learn more about myself, learn a new skill and take my life in a new direction once Jody helped me identify areas to work on, she was tireless in making sure those new habits stuck.

I attribute a lot of my success in navigating my new pathway to Jody.

— Karen Natasha


Eagala Certification

Absolutely the most educational course I have attended. I learned so much from watching and working alongside the horses. For anyone looking for a satisfying career, this is it! The facility was wonderful and the training was very professional.

— Karen Huggins

Happy Momma

I am very grateful that my adopted 13 year old, daughter has been able to work with Jody and her equine partners. Although initially thinking their sessions would focus mainly on horseman basics, it quickly became apparent that Jody’s approach combines these basics, with important mental and emotional wellness skills and strategies. Jody has used equine experiences, real life connections, and her coaching skills to create a relationship with my daughter that has encouraged personal growth. Since working with Jody, my daughter is better able to communicate, is developing healthier relationships and has more self confidence. She is becoming a great little rider and is on the road to being the best person she can be.

Thank- you Jody,

— Love, a grateful mom❤️


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