Coaching and Personal Development

Coaching Life and Relationship

Great relationships don’t just happen. They’re co-created by people who understand the level of commitment it takes to learn how to partner well.   of your goodwill, intention, and action.  I will help you discover new ways to partner through intention, understanding and action  that produce greater joy and more satisfaction than you ever thought possible. This is a 6 week Equine Assisted Learning Program That is faith based.

  • Being present and engaged
  • Understanding the impact of your history
  • Understanding God's plan for couples
  • Problem solving in a loving manner
  • Deep meaningful intimacy
  • How to deal with crisis, transitions and breakdowns
  • Ask and Answer the difficult subjects
  • Learn what dating is and isn't.

Here at  Love Laugh Learn we offers private sessions for individuals, couples, families and groups for both growth and development workshops. We help people to Build and Repair healthy positive relationships so that they can enjoy a life full of Love and Abundance!

  • Awareness of self and relationships
  • Building healthy boundaries
  • Healthy positive communication skills
  • Choice and consequence
  • Changes or shifts in life path
  • Spiritual, emotional, physical and mental balance
  • Trust and creativity



Facilitators and Coaches

What is  coaching?

Coaching is a healthy, positive, and enabling process that develops the capacity of people to recognize and develop skills to solve their problems. Coaches helps people reshape their way of being and thinking and touches people's spirits to rekindle what deeply matters to them. Coaching impacts people's visions and value's of themselves and supports a new understanding of  how to develop and maximize their personal best.  

 A coach comes alongside their client to brainstorm, provide information, and examine potential decisions. A coach will guide, encourage and help facilitate the change the client needs to face the future with strength and optimism.

Code of Ethics 

Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching..... IPEC Coaches are held to high ethical standards and code of ethics assures that clients will receive professional care from a certified coach. This standard also serve as a guide to coaches on how to build their practice and maintain ethical relationships with their clients.

Equine Assisted Growth And Learning Assciation.... EAGALA team is expected to maintain professionalism and work toward the overall health and wellness of the client. This includes, respect, dignity, physical and emotional safety and following all federal and provincial laws. A full code of ethics can be found at

The Love Laugh Learn Facilitators are insured, certified and highly skilled.  Bios are available in 'Meet the Team'. We have mental health professionals available for sessions, please contact us.

Outline of an Individual session or workshop

Love Laugh Learn provides background information to the clients ahead of the session or workshop. A private session runs 90 minutes and some flexibility in scheduling is available.

Half day workshops run from 9 am to noon and include a coffee break. Full day workshops start at 9 am and finish at 3 pm.

Every activity is designed with your specific goals in mind, such as exploring self, discovering leadership, enhancing communication, opening up trust, exposing creativity.


Wheel of Life & Relationship



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