Family Groups and Teens

Family looks Different to Everyone!

Family looks Different to Everyone!

The Family Dynamic

Equine Assisted Learning has proven to be an amazing form of learning and bonding for the whole family. It allows for each individual to express themselves through creativity and communication without judgement. Each individual displays different personalities and perspectives , and Equine Assisted Learning levels this playing field for each family member and encourages a cooperative energy between horses and clients. Love Laugh Learn will design and craft workshops and programs based on family group dynamic's or individual sessions to meet their specific needs.


Parent Training...Who needs it??

The Courage to Care! Why use Equine Assisted Learning in a Parenting Class? Horses have a social structure very similar to humans. The herd structure is unique in that it has an established sense of order. It also has a dominate herd leader, second in command and a social pecking order for the rest of the herd. Younger ones hold a respect for the elders and the herd  protects and teaches it youth.  Respect, responsibility, relationship skills and boundries are all taught within the natural order of the herd. This program allows us to develop awareness around our parenting skills and explores how our belief system and our back story  effect our parenting. 

 "The seed will grow if the soil is rich"

Girls Rule!!

Mother - Daughter Reconnect

Deeper Connection

One of the most complex and rewarding relationships. Through the horse, you will learn to honor and respect each others differences, deepen the level of communication and strengthen the bond that exists between mother and daughter. You will deepen and renew your connection thru honest and non-judgemental communication.

For Mom's and Daughters any age.

The Techno Teen-Getting back in Touch

Electronic Free Zone

Is your teen constantly glued to their i phone, i pad, i something else? Do they answer with one syllable grunts? Are you wondering where your kid went? A 2015 study by the Pew Research Center found that 88 percent of teenagers ages 13 to 17 have or have access to a cellphone, and 91 percent of teens go online from a mobile device at least occasionally. For instance, does screen time interfere with daily activities? Does it cause family conflicts? Has it become the only activity the teen seems to enjoy? Sound familiar??

Then this workshop is for them. An electronic free zone for the day and an opportunityfor them to explor the world thru the eyes of a horse. A fun workshop that addresses the subject of communication, choice and consequence, respect and boundries. Read Newsmax: Teens and Phones: New Warnings on Overuse | 



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