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Parent Training...Who needs it??

What we can learn from our Fur Babies!

What we can learn from our Fur Babies!

The Courage to Care! Why use Equine Assisted Learning in a Parenting Class? Horses have a social structure very similar to humans. The herd structure is unique in that it has an established sense of order. It also has a dominate herd leader, second in command and a social pecking order for the rest of the herd. Younger ones hold a respect for the elders and the herd  protects and teaches it youth.  Respect, responsibility, relationship skills and boundries are all taught within the natural order of the herd. This program allows us to develop awareness around our parenting skills and explores how our belief system and our back story  effect our parenting. 

 "The seed will grow if the soil is rich"


Trauma and Abuse Recovery

Grief & the Healing Process

Traditional Games

These games are geared for all kids and teens ages 6 to 18.

Games were shared or traded with other tribes resulting in common games amongst Aboriginal people. Some of the games we play today are derived from the traditional games of Aboriginal people. Games fill an important roles in refining life skills and the development of the physical and social self. 

Come and play with us!

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